Try it before resorting to serious, invasive procedures

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TBM is amazing stuff – I am so blessed to know Dr. Erica and Dr. Celeste who both do TBM. Can’t wait to meet Dr. LLoyd Katz too.

It is so cool to experience the changes your body goes through as it’s encouraged to heal itself. To think that so much can be done with very simple, non-invasive techniques is awesome.

I’m thankful for the help I got after our car accident from Dr. Celeste. My whole body was shaken and out of sorts to an extent I didn’t even know until after getting adjusted and having some TBM work done. I just knew things were off and I felt unsettled inside. Had some nice rib torque going on among other things. Left the office walking taller and feeling lighter.

My SI joint issues I deal with during pregnancy have also been greatly improved through TBM. With Penny, the pain and effects were literally crippling. Half the time I couldn’t get up off the floor without falling back down or having something seize up. Dr. Celeste had gone to a seminar with Dr. Erica where they learned about a TBM point that helps with SI issues. Worked like a charm. 🙂

Dr. Erica and Dr. Celeste both used TBM to cure Penny’s reflux issues during her first couple of months. Also made things easier on her as our bodies filtered out the foods she was reacting to after I stopped eating them. Takes a bit of time, but she did great.

I loved learning what I did about ESM (the “at-home” version of TBM). Aaron has a natural knack for it and that special sense of what’s going on in his own body as well as others’.

Just really, really neat stuff. Everyone should try it before resorting to drugs or serious, invasive procedures. You should give it a shot even if you’re feeling “fine”. You may not know how bad your “normal” really is.

Anyway, that’s all folks, lol.