Overall I have less pain, more energy and greater flexibility

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I came to Dr. Erica’s office because of my rheumatoid arthritis a few weeks ago. Before beginning care, I was not able to walk well. I could not lift myself up from my back while in bed at night. Walking up and down the stairs was very painful and I had to stop and rest between steps often. I had a lot of trouble doing simple activities of living including picking up a drinking glass or doing house chores. I had extreme pain, especially at night.

Since being under care, over the last month, I am able to walk without holding onto walls. The pain in my back has significantly diminished. Overall I have less pain, more energy, greater flexibility and I am able to perform my hobbies (such as cake decorating). I’m enjoying time with my family more. The quality of my sleep has really improved. I feel that my productivity has increased and I am more motivated to do things than I have in the last year.

What I like the best about the care at Maimonides Chiropractic is that Dr. Erica is very attentive to providing individualized care. I am glad I chose her to be my chiropractor because I feel that she can relate to me. She knows and understands the pain of arthritis and is also patient and joyful.

If someone were considering choosing Dr. Erica for their chiropractic care I’d tell them to go immediately. The improvement in a short amount of time is significant. I want to thank you (Dr. Erica) for all your help because I thought that I was helpless with this disease. I appreciate your positive outlook on everything. What a difference I have experienced in the short time I have seen you! God bless you in all your work. With many blessings to you, Dr. Statman.