I now have more energy, less headaches

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I was having issues in early pregnancy (pregnancy rhinitis, discomforts) and for general health reasons. Before I started my care I could not breathe through my nose and was always tired. Through the care that I have received I now have more energy, less headaches and my pregnancy rhinitis cleared up within a few weeks of seeing Dr. Erica. I’ve continued my care post pregnancy and have seen many benefits with that as well. Dr. Erica helped get though a difficult bout of post partum depression. I appreciated all of her follow up care during that time. Chiropractic impacted my life with: less pain, more energy, feel more motivation, increased flexibility, emotions more balanced, better quality of sleep, and more relaxed. The best part I like about the office is the family atmosphere and how warm and caring everyone here is, even the other patients you run into in the waiting area! I am so glad I chose Dr. Erica; she is an AMAZING chiropractor (I’ve been to many) and an AWESOME person in general. She always goes the above and beyond for her patients! She is worth it, you won’t be sorry.