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Dr. Erica is great! I came to her because my baby was in a breech position and had been referred to her as the “best” at getting babies to turn! I had never been to a chiropractor and was very nervous. Dr. Erica took time to explain everything she was doing and why she was doing it. She listened to my input and tailored my treatment to meet my needs. Every time I left Dr. Erica’s office, I was able to eat, sleep and breathe better. In addition, I had been in a car accident several years ago that had left me with decreased mobility in my neck. After one adjustment there was a huge difference in my range of motion in my neck and I felt overall better. But the initial reason I had come there was to try and get my baby to turn out of the breech position. I came to Dr. Erica at 30 weeks and by my 35 week ultrasound my baby had turned head down. I was able to have a successful VBAC delivery thanks in large part to Dr. Erica.