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What sought me to Chiropractic care was neck pain, this pain has limited my movement, has affected my work at the computer and my ability to exercise. Dr. Statman’s care has helped me to extend full range of motion, and help me focus on mind and body health.

Chiropractics has impacted my life through:

  • less pain
  • family time is more enjoyable
  • increased productivity
  • increased flexibility
  • I am more motivated and
  • I am more relaxed

What I like best about this office and the care that I receive is that the care is personal, individualized and well rounded.

I am glad that I chose Dr. Statman as my chiropractor because she is clearly passionate about what she does; her care for her patients is obvious. If someone was considering choosing Dr. Statman as their Chiropractor I would tell them they would not be disappointed!