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Maimonides Chiropractic Statement on Racism, Discrimination and Hate

Dear Patients,

We would like to take a moment to address the recent incidents of racism and violence that have been at the forefront of our country’s experience in the last several weeks.

There really are no words that are sufficient to describe the trauma that hateful acts produce in one person let alone a community or even a country. Dr. Statman’s father was a Holocaust survivor which makes us acutely aware of the damage produced by this kind of trauma even generations later.

At Maimonides Chiropractic our constant commitment over 20 years has been to service through kindness. At the foundation of chiropractic philosophy is the idea that the human being is capable of expressing vibrant health as long as there is no interference to the natural mechanisms of the nervous system whose job it is to bring in information from the periphery and then to create a response. That response is what keeps him or her in balance. Human beings cannot remain in balance if they have to shoulder the burden of the trauma created by racism and other forms of hate whether it is in acute, discreet doses or chronically over a lifetime.

In this spirit, we wish to reaffirm that we at Maimonides have a zero tolerance policy regarding racism or any form of hate toward any group or individual. We will never knowingly, even for a moment, discriminate against anyone’s innate differences.

We accept into our practice all who wish to receive gentle, natural chiropractic care and who cooperate in a spirit of kindness and tolerance with us.

Maimonides Prayer for the Physician

O, Benevolent God. Thou hast created the human being with infinite wisdom. Thou hast blessed Thy earth, Thy mountains and Thy rivers with healing substances that enable Thy children to alleviate their sufferings and to heal their illnesses. Thou has chosen me to keep vigil over the life and well being of Thy creations.

Purify me and fill my heart with love for my art and for Thy creations. Endow me with strength of mind and heart so that both be always ready to serve all that need me, be they rich or poor, good or wicked, friend of foe. Let me never see in the sufferer anything else but a fellow human being in pain.

Grant me perseverance to continually expand my knowledge, for wisdom is boundless and can extend infinitely to enrich the human mind with new discoveries.

O, compassionate God, Thou has chosen me to watch over the health of Thy creations. I now apply myself to my calling. Support and strengthen me in task so that I may aid those in need.