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In my practice I use several techniques because no single technique is right for every body. Activator has a particularly meticulous system of analysis, correction, and verification of correction for virtually every articulation in the body from the foot to the skull.

The Activator instrument allows for a high-velocity, yet low-force adjustment. And that is good news for children, patients with tender tissues, when bone density is a concern and for those who prefer not to experience the osseous cavitation (“popping” sound) when they receive an adjustment.

I also appreciate Activator’s continued commitment to rigorous scientific investigation. You can read more about this on their website. I find that today’s patient really wants to understand chiropractic more and Activator Methods gives a strong avenue for continued learning enrichment.

I find that Activator Technique leaves patients feeling very balanced after their adjustments. It also reassures the patient that he or she is improving as the number of spinal segments requiring correction goes down with subsequent visits. I hope you will ask more about Activator Technique and consider using it as a powerful tool for wellbeing.