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  • In a short time I have noticed a great improvement in both my flexibility and range of motion. As a golf professional, this is a big deal to me. I think anyone who has suffered problems with flexibility should consider chiropractic care. It has helped me. Thanks!

  • I brought my daughter Isabel, who is six years old, to Maimonides Chiropractic because she was having a heat rash. I had tried benadryl and calamine lotion but she was constantly scratching. After her chiropractic adjustment, we also opted for some Total Body Modification (TBM) for itching. Her itching totally stopped. By the time we got home the rash was almost gone!

  • I have been a patient for 6 months and have experienced an almost total relief in back pain and shoulder stiffness. This has been my first experience with any type of alternative medicine and I have been impressed with your training and knowledge. This has been, and continues to be a very positive experience.

  • I have only been coming here (to the office) for a brief period of time. I can definitely say that my neck and back feel a ton better already. I have been having severe tension and discomfort in these areas for years despite taking medications and receiving regular massages. These improvements are a major relief in dealing with the considerable stress in my life.

  • - Adam H. - PGA Golf Professional
  • - Mandie R.
  • - J.T.
  • - Will L.

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